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Social & Welfare Work

Social Work @ HQ

CWS social workers work with needy clients to encourage them to be self-sufficient. Besides financial assistance, CWS also works in partnerships with other social agencies, to holistically see to each client's physical, emotional, mental and social needs.

Social Work @ Agape Village

Our social workers also serve as the first point of contact for clients at Agape Village. They work with all the other Catholic charities at Agape Village to provide holistic care to people who need help.

Specifically, our social workers provide:

Information and Referral

We provide information and referral to individuals and families. This is for people who require additional professional assistance which is outside the scope of CWS. We will assist in providing the relevant resources to meet the individual needs.


We provide financial assistance like monthly financial support, food ration, supermarket vouchers, and reimbursement for medical expenses to lower income families and to people who suffer temporary setbacks due to retrenchment etc. This year saw an increasing number of referrals from Catholic Churches and Schools.


CWS networks with Community Development Councils, Institute of Mental Health, Hospitals and Family Service Centres. CWS also works with the churches and the St. Vincent de Paul Conferences of these churches. Networking has helped us to work with people in a more effective and efficient way. CWS also assists the needy, through various contacts to find suitable employment wherever possible.

Scholarship Aid to Primary and Secondary School Students

Our Scholarship Aid Programme assists children of needy families to continue their primary and secondary school education. With this aid, students can purchase textbooks, stationery, art materials and uniforms. We give monthly cash aid for school fees, transport, food allowance and payment of examniation fees.

Financial Assistance to Students in Other Institutions

CWS also assists tertiary students who are evaluated on a case by case basis.

For enquiry on our social & welfare services, please contact us at 63377954.


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